Car Tire and Wheel Cleaning

Getting the wheels and tires cleaned up is usually the last thing on a driver’s mind. He directs a hose to the roof of the car. He picks up a sponge and uses it to scrub, again and again. The water flows down the sides onto the asphalt. He wipes the windows, the hood. But the tires he doesn’t mind. He skips the tires and doesn’t even bother to check their working condition. Why bother with something that never really gets clean, anyway?

That’s where everything goes wrong. A bad tire is all you need to set yourself up for a road tragedy. So please check your tires every once in a while, and make sure they’re in good working condition, which includes being clean.

Cleaning Tires and Wheels

Here is a list of steps for cleaning your vehicle’s tires:

* Begin with the tires. You can use the same car soap you used on the body kit or you can buy a separate car wash cleaner for the tires-either way is fine.

* Wash the tires thoroughly with a water hose, or if you don’t have one, a bucket of water will do. Then, take a brush with tough bristles and scrub generously on the tires. Remove all dirt and grime from between the crevices before moving on.

* Afterwards, when the tires are cleaned up, apply the car soap. Scrub thoroughly and alternate between scrubbing and hosing to get the tires all nice and cleaned up.

* Move the car if need be to get the hard to reach areas. Also ,check the traction by feeling the surface of the tires. If it feels worn out, it’s time to get new tires.

A car is nothing but a piece of junk without a good set of wheels to move it around. Some drivers put a lot of time getting the coolest body kit, the fastest acceleration time and the perfect suspension, but the quality of the tires and getting a good grip on the road are what we should worry about first. A faulty set of tires not only endangers the car, but it also puts the driver’s life at risk. What good is a really nice car if you’re not around to drive it?