Use Correct Motorcycle Tires

Using proper motorcycle tires can be a life-saver! Utilizing an incorrect tire for your motorcycle can lead to disaster!

It is very crucial for a rider to choose the correct tire for his motorcycle. There are several tires for different types of motorcycles. There are also more than a few tires for the various types of road the motorcycle is expected to travel into. The weather is also as critical to consider when choosing the type of tire to use.

Motorcycle manufacturers have already fitted their motorcycles with the appropriate tires. It is highly advisable for a motorcyclist to read the manufacturer’s manual to determine the proper maintenance of the tires. Proper tire maintenance should be regularly done to ensure the good condition of the motorcycle tires. Checking the correct level of tire pressures should always be done to ensure its road worthiness.

A motorcycle primarily for street riding should go for standard sport tires. Racing tires may look good on your motorcycle but its rubber is softer and will therefore wear out more quickly. But you will definitely get a better traction with racing tires. Firmer tires will get you more mileage but the downside is that you get less traction with them.

When one uses his motorcycle for daily commuting, camping trips and weekend fun rides, then you should consider tires for all terrain condition.

Always remember that rubber losses its elasticity over time and therefore losses its grip on the road as well.

Being conscious about all you need to know about motorcycle tires makes you ride your motorcycle more confidently and safely.